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Ontario Racing Commission
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Any individual or business actively involved in horse racing must be licensed by the Ontario Racing Commission. This includes owners of race horses, trainers, drivers and jockeys, grooms, anyone requiring access to the backstretch or paddock of the racetrack, pari-mutuel clerks and management staff of the racetrack. The business that operates the racetrack must also be licensed and must apply to license any off-track sites, otherwise known as teletheatres.

Licensing has been a requirement since 1950 when the Racing Commission Act was first legislated provincially.

All licences of the Ontario Racing Commission are issued on an annual basis.

Licences are issued through the office of the Executive Director. In assessing the suitability for licensing, issues of honest, integrity and probity are considered.

As the regulator of all facets of the horse racing industry, the Commission acts in a manner that promotes high standards of integrity, honesty, good business practices and accountability. The Commission assumes responsibility for minimizing risks to the public interest and strives to maintain public confidence in the integrity of the horse racing industry.

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