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Complaints About ORC Service

From time to time, the Ontario Racing Commission receives complaints about the quality of service it provides to its clients, the application of policies and procedures related to client service, or about the conduct of ORC members and/or staff.

The Ontario Racing Commission is committed to providing quality public services to its clients. The following process has been developed to ensure that public complaints about the quality of service provided by the Ontario Racing Commission are responded to in a transparent and fair manner.

What types of complaints are covered under this policy?
This policy applies to all complaints from members of the public regarding the quality of service received when accessing programs and services provided by the Ontario Racing Commission. Complaints can relate to our policies and procedures, the application of those policies and procedures and/or the conduct of our Commission members or staff.

What types of complaints are not covered under this policy?
Dissatisfaction with the outcome of a decision from the Judges, Stewards or the Commission is not a complaint, which is covered under this policy. This complaint procedure is NOT another form of reconsideration, appeal or judicial review. If the ORC receives a complaint for which the appropriate action is to appeal a decision of the Judges/Stewards or the Commission or to apply for judicial review, ORC staff will provide the necessary information so that the complainant can proceed further.

Important points about this policy

This policy only applies to complaints that are received in writing. Complaints that are not received in writing will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in a manner that the Commission deems appropriate.

The Ontario Racing Commission will respond to all complaints and make every effort to resolve them. In addition, ORC staff will make every effort to explain the reasons for the decision.

Please note that this policy does not affect the complainant’s right to raise their concerns with the Ombudsman of Ontario if they are dissatisfied with the results provided by the Ontario Racing Commission.

ORC Commitments:
  • Timeliness
    All complaints covered under this policy will be acknowledged and/or responded to within five (5) working days after the complaint has been received. If any further action is necessary, the Commission will advise how long it will take to receive a further response.
  • Confidentiality
    All complaints are kept strictly confidential. However, the person who is the subject of a complaint must be advised in order to fully and fairly review the complaint.
  • Reporting Back
    If the issue cannot be resolved right away, the complainant will be informed as soon as the matter has been reviewed. In addition, all concerned parties will be advised of the results of the review.

Complaints Procedure

How do I make a complaint about ORC policies and procedures?
Complaints may be raised directly with any of our staff or Commission members who will ensure that the complaint is forwarded to the appropriate individual if s/he cannot resolve the issue.

How do I make a complaint about an ORC staff member?
A complaint about a staff member may be raised with that person directly. If the staff member has not provided a satisfactory response, the complaint should be forwarded, in writing, to the Manager, Corporate Affairs. The complaint may also be forwarded directly to the Manager, Corporate Affairs.

How do I make a complaint about the Executive Director, a Commission member or the Chair of the Ontario Racing Commission?
A complaint about the Executive Director or a Commission member should be made to the Chair who will respond to the complaint within 10 working days. The minister or the minister's delegate is the most appropriate choice for reviewing complaints against the Chair.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, require general information on the Ontario Racing Commission's complaint process or are unsure of where to direct your complaint, please contact the Corporate Planning Officer at the Head Office of the Ontario Racing Commission.

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