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Ontario Racing Commission
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About the ORC

Staff Listings

Executive Director and CEO
Jean Major

Deputy Director - Racing Operations
Rob McKinney

Manager of Racing
Brent Stone

Assistant Manager Racing
Michael Wilson
Russ Fernandes

Manager of Veterinary Services
Adam Chambers, B.V.M.S

Supervisor, Commission Standardbred Veterinarians
Bruce Duncan, D.V.M.

Manager of Communications (Acting)
Ray Kahnert

Corporate Planning and Human Resources Officer
Diane Moretti

Human Resources Generalist
Nidhi Chadha

Manager of Information Technology
Ari Finkelstein

Technical Coordinator
Michael Mora

Executive Secretary
Jacinth Chang Alloy

Litigation Counsel

Senior Counsel
Angela Holland

Legal Counsel
Catalin Tripon

Legal Secretary
Darla Wright

Manager, Finance and Administration
Leslie Campbell

Secretary and Receptionist
Dolores Melo-Cordeiro

Accounting Specialist
Jeff Johnston

Manager, Program Finance and Development
Ryan Dupuis

Financial Analyst
Ono Osime

Promotions Assistant
Jackie Warner

Procurement Specialist
Allyson Williams

Filing Clerk
Barbara MacKinnon

Program Coordinator

Ontario Sires Stakes Administrative Coordinator
Karen Hauver

Programs, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Lisa Hocking

Licensing Coordinator
Jessica Harvie

Standardbred Judges
Fred Brethour
John Campbell
Wes Coke 
John Dorion 
Chuck Fraleigh 
Peter Gilllies 
Edwin Hall
Bill Hicks 
Peter Harrison
Doug Hopkins 
Larry Hughes 
Don Lawrence 
Bill Maertens 
Neil McCoag 
Robert McKay 
Tom Miller 
Jeff Minler 
Richard Myers 
Terry Provost 
Don Raymond 
Troy Rossingnol
Jeff Rouse 
David Stewart 
Allan Stiff
Craig Walker 
Pat Webb 
Michael Weber 
Thoroughbred Stewards
Gunnar Lindberg 
Bill McMahon 
Fenton Platts 


Garry Lacey – Manager 
Jeremy Locke – Assistant Manager
Brian Arrand 
Charles Beirnes 
Tyler Durand 
Jamie Frye 
Rick Grant 
Oleh Kupraty 
Allan Leblanc
Rasa Malinauskas 
Kelley McCarthy
Troy Moffatt 
Richard Pellarin 
Lisa Ricchio
Brian VanVeen
Stuart Woodman

Field Staff Standardbred
Laura Avery
April Campbell
Jackie Dougan
Louise Lancaster 
Karen McFadden 
Julie McKenna 
Field Staff Thoroughbred
Sarah Beauchamp 
Jackie Bowen 
Sue Brinen 
Vikki James 
Marilyn Macdonald
Krista Tipping
Lee Anne Watson

ORC Google Location 10 Carlson Court

Suite 400

Toronto, Ontario

M9W 6L2

Telephone_logo (416) 213-0520 [Phone]
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