December 07, 2014
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Annual & Statistical Report
As an Agency of the Ministry of Government Services, the Commission publishes an annual statistical report that provides an overview of the activity of the organization and the industry it regulates.

News and Information
The Commission produces a newsletter that is mailed to all licensees who are Ontario residents, providing news and information of general interest to the industry and the general public. Press releases are used to issue announcements from time to time as the need arises.

Information Sharing
On issues of importance for which industry input is sought, the Commission will circulate discussion papers with deadlines for written submissions. Notices to the industry are used to provide information on developing issues, such as proposed date changes, reasons for a decision that do not arise out of a hearing, and horse welfare issues.

Legislative Authority
The Racing Commission Act, 2000 was passed December 15, 2000 in the Ontario Legislature. The act created the Ontario Racing Commission as a regulatory self-financing agency overseen by a Governing Board.

The Commission puts its decisions into effect through the publication of Directives. Where Directives address new rules, the Rules of Racing are updated.

Issued by the Executive Director, directives reflect decisions of the Board of the Commission.

Rulings are the written decisions made as a result of a rule violation or a proceeding. The ORC issues a number of different types of rulings. Judges, Stewards, the Director of Racing issue rulings, and the Commission, as a panel of the members, issue rulings. At this time, the ORC is unable to make copies of rulings available.

Forms and Licence Applications
There are a number of forms and licence applications available to be printed from this web site. If you are unable to find the form you are looking for, please contact the Head Office of the ORC. Link to contact

Officials’ Lists
In the course of their duties, the Judges, Stewards and Commission/Official Veterinarians maintain public lists for specific programs. These lists are updated on a timely basis.

A series of ORC publications and documents are available to the public. Statisitical information is also posted where it is available. Reference can also be made to the ORC Annual Report for statistical information about the ORC and the industry that it serves.

Industry Publications
Various industry bodies produce a number of information publications that are available to the public through this website. To receive a hard copy of the publication, please contact the industry association or organization directly.

A list of definitions of racing related terms.