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Ontario Racing Commission
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Racing Operations

The Commission approves dates for horse racing in the Province of Ontario.

On any approved date, the ORC provides staff to oversee the conduct of racing:
  • Three Judges or Stewards oversee Racing and rule on violations.
  • Licensing Agents license participants.
  • Compliance Officers ensure that licences are checked and the regulatory standards are kept.
  • Official Veterinarians assess each horse’s fitness for racing.

Individuals hired by the racetrack but considered officials under the rules, also report to the Commission through the Judges or Stewards. This includes paddock judges, charters, horse identifiers and starting gate crews.

Racing is one of the most tightly regulated activities. The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency, through the authority of the Criminal Code, ensures that all wagering activity is conducted according to a highly structured set of rules. This agency also oversees all testing for prohibited substances in horses and provides the camera and video feed services of the races. Racetrack facilities are also subject to provincial and municipal controls over their use of land and disposal of waste products.

Through the licence issued by the Commission, the racetrack is required to comply with the Rules of Racing. At the racetrack, the Judges and Stewards oversee the races and rule on any violations. The Judges and Stewards report to the Supervisors of Racing and the Director of Racing, who are responsible for ensuring that the regulations, controls and rules implemented by the Commission are carried out.

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Toronto, Ontario

M9W 6L2

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