April 02, 2014
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Teletheatres are off track betting locations operated by racetracks and licensed by the Ontario Racing Commission.

List of approved Ontario teletheatres

When the Government of Ontario approved teletheatre wagering in 1991, it was envisaged that teletheatres would be located in sports bar type facilities with existing clientele, introducing new fans to horseracing.

Teletheatre wagering is authorized by the Criminal Code Regulations administered by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency of Agriculture Canada. The federal regulations require that the teletheatre portion of a location must be operated by a licensed racetrack and that the racetrack must obtain a licence from the provincial government.

To open a teletheatre, a racetrack operator must apply to the Ontario Racing Commission for a licence for the specific location. A description of the licensing process can be found below in Teletheatre Licensing Process and Requirements. The racetrack must also apply to the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency to obtain a betting permit. All revenues from betting are returned to the racing industry. The site operator does not benefit from the wagering dollars; they benefit from increased trade, possibly from a coverage charge and in some cases from program sales.

If an individual has a location and wishes to have a teletheatre located at the site, the individual should contact the racetrack in their area. A racetrack will make their own determination as to whether or not to proceed with any particular site, depending upon a number of business factors.

Currently there are approximately 70 teletheatres operating in the province.

pdf download Teletheatre Licensing Process and Requirments
pdf download Special Event Teletheatre Licensing Requirements
pdf download Teletheatre Operator Disclosure Form