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Ontario Racing Commission
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Renewal of Existing Racetrack License

Changes in Ownership
License Application Forms

To operate a racetrack facility in the Province of Ontario, a racetrack operator must be licensed by the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC). The process is started by submitting an application for licence to the Director. Under the authority granted by the Racing Commission Act, 2000 , the Director will make a licensing decision and may then issue a license with terms and conditions to the racetrack operator for the given calendar year.

Each year the racetrack operator is required to submit and/or ensure that certain documents are on file with the ORC. A list of the material that must accompany the licence application can be found in the document entitled “2016 Renewal Racetrack Licensing - Required Documents ”.
Application for Licence to Operate a Racetrack
2011 General Directive 4 - Racetrack Licence Application Fee - Aug 2011

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