March 24, 2014
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Thoroughbred Improvement Program

The Thoroughbred Improvement Program is a component of the Ontario Horse Improvement Program, which offers incentives for the breeding and ownership of Thoroughbred racehorses in Ontario. 

Program Criteria

Detailed information and the rules surrounding the various programs under TIP are laid out in the Program Criteria Book. It is the responsibility of all participants to make themselves aware of the eligibility requirements and the various opportunities under the Program. Participants are encouraged to contact the ORC Programs Department for assistance at any time.Copies of the Program Criteria Book may be viewed or printed from the link below or you may contact the ORC to receive a hard copy.

pdf download

 2013 Thoroughbred Horse Improvement Program Criteria Book 


Who receives benefits from the Program?

  • Breeders of Registered Ontario Breds
  • Owners of Registered Ontario Breds
  • Owners of Ontario Sires
  • Owners of progency of Ontario Sires 

How do you participate?

  • Stallion Owners must register their Stallion by January 15th each year to be recognized as an Ontario Sire.
  • Breeders must qualify their mares as an Ontario Resident Mare for each foalling year, for their foals to be recognized as a Registered Ontario Bred.


What Do I Need To Do?

Stallion Owners

The deadline to register an Ontario Sire is January 15, 2013 – after which time late registration fees and special conditions apply. To register a Stallion as Ontario Sire, you must:

  • Hold a current ORC licence,
  • Complete aThoroughbred Stallion Registration Form
  • Complete the Stallion Lease Declaration Form for any leased stallions
  • Send the form with all required payments to …

c/o Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division)
P.O. Box 172
Rexdale, ON  M9W 5L1

pdf download  2014 Thoroughbred Stallion Registration Form

pdf download

 2014 Thoroughbred Stallion Lease Declaration Form

The Program also pays Stallion Awards to the Owner (or leasee) of a recognized Ontario Sire for performance of its offspring. To be eligible to receive the award, the applicant must complete the Application for Stallion Awards.  For further details, please refer to the appropriate section in the Criteria Book.

pdf download

 2014 Application for Thoroughbred Stallion Awards

Mare Owners

A Breeder must declare a mare's eligibility as an Ontario Resident mare, no later than the time of foal registration. To qualify a mare, the Breeder must:

  • Hold a current ORC licence in the Program category - If the applicant already holds a current ORC licence for racing purposes, no additional costs will be incurred.  
  • Complete the Ontario Resident Mare Declaration form, and
  • Send the form to …

Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division)
P.O. Box 172
Rexdale, ON  M9W 5L1

pdf download

 2014 Thoroughbred Ontario Resident Mare Declaration Form


Recognized Ontario Thoroughbred Resident Mares

In order for a horse to be declared a Registered Ontario Bred:

a)    The horse’s dam must have been declared as an Ontario Resident Mare for the birth year of the foal and meet all eligibility requirements, and

b)     The foal must be registered with CTHS

The mares included in the Lists below have met the requirements to be recognized as Ontario Resident Mares for the year of foaling. As a result of this determination, the resulting foal is eligible to be recognized as a Registered Ontario Bred by the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society and become eligible for Ontario Bred incentive programs offered under TIP.

pdf download

TB ORM List 2011 foaling year

pdf download

TB ORM List 2010 foaling year

pdf download

TB ORM List 2009 foaling year

pdf download

TB ORM List 2008 foaling year



Authorized Agent

In order to have an authorized agent act on behalf of an Owner or Ownership Group or a Lessee or Lessee Group for the purposes of TIP, the form below must be completed and sent to:

Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division)
P.O. Box 172
Rexdale, ON  M9W 5L1

pdf download

 Appointment of Authorized Agent


Participants enrolling a mare or a stallion in the Thoroughbred Improvement Program must hold a current Ontario Racing Commission licence. A breeder or stallion owner participating in the Program must hold a ORC Program Licence. If the participant already holds another licence, there will be no additional charge for the licence. The fee for a Program Licence is $20.

The Ontario Racing Commission, as the Program Administrator for the Horse Improvement Program, is responsible for the development and implementation of all program elements to achieve the identified goals and objectives of the Program.

Administration of the Program. As Program Administrator, the ORC has responsibility for:

  • Ensuring the integrity of all payments to eligible recipients of HIP incentive benefits
  • Setting targets (expected performance outcomes and results) for Program expenditures
  • Developing a program for evaluating and measuring the results of Program implementation
  • Reporting on Program performance to industry and government.

Any questions regarding the administration of Program, can be directed to the Program Administrator at the Ontario Racing Commission at (416) 213-0520.