December 07, 2014
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Economic Impact of Horse Racing in Ontario



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The Ontario horse racing industry is a dynamic cross section of the agricultural sector and the entertainment business, mixing urban and rural in an exciting format. As part of the agricultural sector, farms, racetracks and training centres cover the province, providing more than 60,000 jobs. As part of the entertainment industry, the racing industry can be accessed live in major urban centres, and by telephone, on television networks, by satellite signal and through web sites.

The horse racing industry in Ontario encompasses many interdependent industries - from commercial breeding and racehorse ownership, to racetrack operation, and more recently, teletheatres. The viability of the industry as a whole is a product of the success in each of the respective sectors.

Ontario is one of the few jurisdictions in Canada that offers thoroughbred, standardbred, and quarter horse racing. There are 18 racetracks operating in the province of Ontario. Of these tracks, one is thoroughbred, one is thoroughbred and standardbred combined, one is quarter horse, and the remaining 15 are standardbred. Ontario has more race dates than any jurisdiction in North America. Horse racing is a year-round sport, with both live racing in the province and simulcast racing brought in from other jurisdictions.