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"-"??_-23 -@_-  20% - Accent1M 20% - Accent1 ef % 20% - Accent2M" 20% - Accent2 ef % 20% - Accent3M& 20% - Accent3 ef % 20% - Accent4M* 20% - Accent4 ef % 20% - Accent5M. 20% - Accent5 ef % 20% - Accent6M2 20% - Accent6  ef % 40% - Accent1M 40% - Accent1 L % 40% - Accent2M# 40% - Accent2 L渷 % 40% - Accent3M' 40% - Accent3 L % 40% - Accent4M+ 40% - Accent4 L % 40% - Accent5M/ 40% - Accent5 L % 40% - Accent6M3 40% - Accent6  Lմ % 60% - Accent1M 60% - Accent1 23 % 60% - Accent2M$ 60% - Accent2 23ږ % 60% - Accent3M( 60% - Accent3 23כ % 60% - Accent4M, 60% - Accent4 23 % 60% - Accent5M0 60% - Accent5 23 %! 60% - Accent6M4 60% - Accent6  23 % "Accent1AAccent1 O % #Accent2A!Accent2 PM % $Accent3A%Accent3 Y % %Accent4A)Accent4 d % &Accent5A-Accent5 K % 'Accent6A1Accent6  F %(Bad9Bad  %) Calculation Calculation  }% * Check Cell Check Cell  %????????? ???+ Comma,( Comma [0] -Comma 2.&Currency/. Currency [0]0Explanatory TextG5Explanatory Text % 1Good;Good  a%2 Heading 1G Heading 1 I}%O3 Heading 2G Heading 2 I}%?4 Heading 3G Heading 3 I}%235 Heading 49 Heading 4 I}% 6InputuInput ̙ ??v% 7 Linked CellK Linked Cell }% 8NeutralANeutral  e%3Normal % 9Normal 2: Normal 3 2 ;Noteb Note   <OutputwOutput  ???%????????? ???=$Percent >Title1Title I}% ?TotalMTotal %OO@ Warning Text? Warning Text %6TableStyleMedium2` (lBSxBS-Instructions ISIS-Instructionsn Cap AsssetsWagering Schedule  ;  ;8 (TOTAL LIABILITIES, EQUITY AND NET ASSETSTOTAL EQUITY OR NET ASSETSUnrestricted net assets+Investment in property, plant and equipment Retained Earnings - Current Year#Retained Earnings - Opening BalanceShareholders' EquityTOTAL LIABILITIESDue to Related PartiesDebt Issued to InvestorsOther Liabilities (describe):Long-term Debt!Current portion of Long-Term DebtDeferred Revenue Horsemen's Purse Account Other (describe):& Accrued Salaries Wages and BenefitsTrade Payables'Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities: TOTAL ASSETS 9Tangible Capital Assets (net of Accumulated Amortization)Other Assets (describe):Prepaid Expense2 Less: Provision for Doubtful Accounts - Other Other Accounts Receivable< Less: Provision for Doubtful Accounts - Related Parties Due from Related PartiesAccounts Receivable:Temporary InvestmentsCash and Cash EquivalentsActuals as at numbers in ($000's)Line #:Please provide a listing of assets, liabilities and equity6Racetrack Financial Reporting - Balance Sheet TemplateOntario Racing CommissionMIn organizations without share capital, include any "unrestricted net assets"nIn organizations without share capital, investment in PP&E or " restricted net assets" should be recorded here Current earnings - see tab "P&L"dCumulative retained earnings balance (closing balance of retained earnings from prior fiscal period)(Share capital and other equity positionstDebt and other liabilities held by other "non-arm's length" parties (Officers, Directors, Associated Companies, etc)/Debt and other liabilities held by shareholdersUtilize these lines to provide descriptions of (in heading column) and amounts for liabilities not included elsewhere in this statementOther Liabilities 1310 to 1330tInclude all debt owed beyond one-year. Exclude amounts due to related parties as they will be recorded on line 1500LInclude portion of long-term debt payments that are due within the next yearhAny revenue-related deposits or other amounts received, but not yet recognized under accrual accounting WLiability owed to for purses - actual funding for which is disclosed on line 300 above. Purse AccountUtilize these lines to provide descriptions of (in heading column) and amounts for payables not included elsewhere in this statement, specifically including amounts payable to related parties that are currently due or will be due within one year.Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities - Other 840 to 860dAll amounts payable relating to employee costs - accrued payroll and benefits (current portion only)LAccounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities - Accrued Salaries Wages and BenefitsAll amounts payable based on the normal, day-to-day trade and operations of the racetrack, except as included on lines 820 to 8607Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities - Trade Payables!See schedule on "cap assets" tab.9Tangible Capital Assets (net of Accumulated Amortization)Utilize these lines to provide descriptions of (in heading column) and amounts for assets not included elsewhere in this statement 610 to 640qAmounts paid in advance to the accrual recognition of the expense - for example insurance premiums, deposits, etc2Provisions for uncollectable related party amounts* Less: Provision for Doubtful Accounts\All amounts receivable based on the normal, day-to-day trade and operations of the racetrack/Accounts Receivable Other Accounts ReceivableAll amounts due from non-arm's length parties - shareholders, parent company, commonly-owned companies, officers of the company, etc..Accounts Receivable Due from Related PartiesrAccount(s) held by the racetrack in trust for the purses. May include purse account and purse trust slot account.tAll investments (bonds, shares, investment certificates, etc) intended to be held for a period of less than one yearKAll cash on hand and bank accounts, except the purse account (see line 300)Includes Line Heading Line NumberSchedule-specific instruction1. Financial statements are to be prepared according to Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or International Financial Reporting Standards unless another basis has been previously approved by the ORC.General InstructionsPart-time (FTE)Part-time (gross)Full-time (gross)Number of Employees:Statistical informationNET INCOME (LOSS)TOTAL EXPENSESOther (please describe) Dividends Income TaxOther:to a related partyto third party CreditorsInterest on Debt:Amortization and depreciation Other Administrative (describe):Material and suppliesSalary, wages and benefitsProgram printing/purchasesInventory and suppliesFood and Bar purchases Bank ChargesMunicipal taxes Utilities TelephonesTravel&Donations (including Benevolent Funds)Advertising & PromotionAccounting and legalOffice SuppliesLicenses and permits Insurance Rent or LeaseGeneral & Administrative:[Breathalyzer Program, TCO2 Regulatory Fees, License Fee, Wagering Levy, Photo Finish, Other Regulatory:#Repairs, Maintenance and JanitorialSimulcast costsSoftware ProgrammingDecoders, InterfaceUplink Tote ServiceNon-Human Costs: Announcing, Starter, Ambulance, Vet, Simulcast Manager, Charter, Timer, Program Seller, Paddock Judge, Equipment Inspector, Blacksmith, Camera Operators, Race Secretary, Assistant Race Secretary, Saddle Pads Person, Gift Shop Personnel, Gift Shop COGS, Other operating &Operating salaries, wages and benefitsStaff ManagementBonuses and Profit SharingTOTAL REVENUES All revenue from Related PartiesManagement FeesInterest/Investment Income!Inter-company or related parties: Stall rentalsProgramsRestaurant and bar Sponsorships Gift ShopOutstanding Ticket Revenue2Other (Wagering, PMTR, OLG, Gov't included above):Transfer Payment AgreementOntario Government:Common area recoveries!OLG beverage and other cost shareOLG Lease (Racetrack portion)$Slot Commissions (Racetrack portion)%Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corpoartion: Track PortionIndustry RevitilizationCustomer benefit Pari-Mutuel Tax Reduction (MOU):TAB / HPI on non-liveTeletheatre on non-live Non-Live: Simulcast (export)TAB / HPI on liveTeletheatre on live On-track liveLive: 8Net Revenue (After split with Horsepeople, net take-out)OtherFoodSlotsNumbers in ($000's) (enter date)Fiscal year-ended XPlease provide a listing of expenses, on an accrual basis, under the following headings:9Racetrack Financial Reporting - Income Statement Template** NOTE: For example, assuming a 40 hour work week, ten part-time employees who each work 20 hours per week would be recorded as 10 employees for line 7200, but 5 FTE's on line 7210 (10*20/40)=Total number of Full-time employees (by full-time equivalent)No of Employees - Part-time FTE2Total number of Part-time employees (by headcount)!No of Employees - Part-time Gross2Total number of Full-time employees (by headcount)!No of Employees - Full-time GrossUse these lines for all other financing costs (interest, amortization, depreciation, unusual items, gains or losses, etc) not included elsewhere - with description and amount 5320-5330CUse these lines for all other Administrative costs not listed above 5000-5020)Use this line for all other Program costs$Program specific, not included above%Use this line for all other F&B costs F&B specific, not included above'Use these lines for all other G&A costs 4720-4730General & Administrative Regulatory.Use these lines for all other associated costs 4460-4470KBonuses and Profit Sharing (to be separate from salary, wages and benefits)TSalary, wages and benefits that are not included in Operating or G&A, F&B, Programs){All revenue, fees and income earned from related parties. This should include recoveries, fees, interest on financing, etc_Fees earned from external arms' length parties (include fees from related parties on line 3720)$Total inves< tment and interest incomeGross income from stall rentalsGross sales of programsHGross food and beverage revenue (excluding OLG recovery - see line 3420)$Revenue from Sponsors or AdvertisingRevenue from Gift Shop/Outstanding ticket revenue, racetrack's portion'Other Government payments or assistance6Include all Transfer Payments from Ontario Government <Recoveries from the OLG for expenses related to common areasARecoveries from the OLG for expenses related to food and beverage*Include all lease or rent revenue from OLG6Net win from slots income (only ractetrack portion). Slot Commissions (gross)6Include "track portion" income (based on the PMTR MOU)@Include "industry revitilization" income (based on the PMTR MOU)9Include "customer benefit" income (based on the PMTR MOU)\** NOTE: Items 3100 to 3210 are to match the lines on the Wagering and Commission Schedule. LCommissions after take-out and split with horsepeople on TAB/HPI on non-liveDGPCommissions after take-out and split with horsepeople on teletheatre on non-liveGKJCommissions after take-out and split with horsepeople on Simulcast on liveHCommissions after take-out and split with horsepeople on TAB/HPI on liveLCommissions after take-out and split with horsepeople on teletheatre on liveFCommissions after take-out and split with horsepeople on on-track live2. This statements contains multiple columns - for each of the lines, categorize or allocate to the line of business according to the column headings.NET BOOK VALUE# Closing Accumulated Amortization Less: Disposals% Add: Amortization for the period # Opening Accumulated AmortizationAccumulated Amortization Closing Book Value Add: Additions Opening Book Value Book Value:Actual numbers in ($000's)Racing Infrastructure BuildingsLanddate of disposition.<of amortization accumulated on the disposed asset(s) to the <On disposal of assets in the current period, remove the sum $Accumulated Amortization - Disposals<Equals amortization and depreciation expense for this periodAmortization for the period prior period.6Based on the accumulated amortization from end of the Opening Accumulated Amortizationin the opening book value6period - removed at the same cost basis for the asset 8Disposals of the asset throughout the current reporting Book Value - Disposalsreporting period9Additions to the asset book value throughout the current Book Value - Additionsplease disclose basis9If any valuation basis other than original cost is used, ;Based on the net book values from end of the prior period. Book Value - Opening(assets according to the column headings.n2. This statements contains multiple columns - for each of the capital asset lines, categorize the use of the?Racetrack Financial Reporting - Capital Asset Schedule Template-Gross Revenue (100% Commission, net take-out)!Gross Wagering (before take-outs)>Racetrack Financial Reporting - Wagering & Commission Schedule!Transfer Payment Agreement - HRPP3Please provide a capital asset continuity schedule Actuals as at %> )??AAC+FH FK- MVO=OPJQ1RRT>U%GV.WWYue[L`\G[^_zsa6Rd5eeEg hQ Vj ccB g2 /BmCtx  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"B333333?333333?ss&<3U} A} $ A} 6A}  A} $ A/     , R# QQ R" QQ P! ON M L  JI~ DY@ FE~ Di@ FE~ Dr@ FE D F E~ Dy@ F E~ D@z@ F E~ Dz@ F E~ D~@ F E~ D@@ FED FE~ D@ HE~ D`@ HE~ D@ HE~ D@ HE~ D@ FED C#B' %D FE~ DP@ HE~ D@ FED FE~ D@@ FE~ D@ FE~ D@ FE~ D @ GE~ D@@ F E~ D0@ F EBX*&&&"&&&&&"&?"&&"&& !"#$%&'()*+,-.~ D@ F  E!D !F !E~ "Dx@ "FE~ #D@ #FE~ $DȔ@ $FE~ %D@ %F %E~ &Dp@ &F&E'D 'C#'B- %&~ (D@ (F(E~ )D @ )F)E~ *DH@ *F*E~ +D@ +F+E~ ,D@@ ,F,E-D -C#-B. %(,.D .C!.B D-D'"&"&&?&&&&&? ' >@ b(b(7Y,fֿggD g2 %yހ:  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"333333?333333?&<3U} S} "T}  W= V T<~ W@ V; T:~ WP@ V9 T8~ W@ V7 T6 W5 V4 T3~ W @ V2 T1~ W@@ V T0~ W0@ V T/~ W@ V T. W- V, T+~ W@ V T*~ Wp@ V T)~ W@ V T(BX  * ******************** !"#$~ W @ V T'~ !WH@ !V !T&~ "W@ "V "T%~ #W@@ #V #T$$UP****>@TRggD g2  n`Y  dMbP?_*+%,&?'?(?)?M Lexmark T652&C odXXLetter,DINU"0!&SMTJpLexmark T652InputBinAutoSelectRESDLLUniresDLLColorModeMonoPrinterLimitONPaperFeedTypeLeftFeedOrientationPORTRAITResolution1200IQBookletInputBinAutoSelectDuplexNONEStaplingOffJogOffBasicLayoutOnBookletNoCoverOffBookletFFrontCoverOffBookletBFrontCoverOffBookletFBackCoverOffBookletBBackCoverOffOutputBinPrinterSettingCollateOFFAllColorsToBlackOffTonerDarknessPrinterSettingPictureGradePrinterSettingSmallFontEnhancerTRUEPrintAndHoldTRUEIsPrintAndHoldSupportedTRUEHasKeepPreviousPHJobsTRUEAdvancedBoookletAlgorithmTRUEStatusWindowTRUEShowStatusWindowAfterPrintingTRUEHasPrintQualityTRUEHasManualColorTRUEBitmapID53NewDuplexTRUEPaperSizeLETTERMediaTypeUsePrinterDefaultBookletMediaTypeUsePrinterDefaultDitherLOQUALITYTrueTypeFormatOUTLINE0!KMXLArialHdArialHdUseSameSizeEDCL<"GXX??&U} $A} $ A} m4A}  Y}  Y}  Y} A} A} $ An,,,@@x@ ,@     #Q R Q RQ PO zzz ~}|||K{zzzz  y xw w w w vutttt D s ZZZZg D m ZZZZg~ D8@ l \ZZZg~ DL@ l \ZZZg~ D`@ l \ZZZg~ Dt@ lrqqqgD mZZZZg~ D@ lpooog~ D@ l\ZZZgD mZZZZg~ Dȩ@ l\ZZZg~ Dܩ@ l\ZZZg~ D@ l\ZZZgD mZhhhg~ D@ l\hhhg~ D@ l\hhhg~ D@ l\hhhg~ D̪@ l\hhhg~ D@ lU\hhhgD mZhhhg~ DX@ l\hhhg~ Dl@ lU\hhhgD mZZZZgDl$$,$^,,0000,00,000,00000,00 !"#$%&'()*+,@-./0123456789:;<=>?~ n @ l \hhhg~ !n4@ !l!\hhhg~ "nH@ "l"\hhhg~ #D\@ #l#\hhhg~ $Dp@ $l$\hhhg~ %D@ %l%\hhhg~ &D@ &lU&\hhhg'D 'm'ggggg~ (D@ (l(\hhhg~ )D@ )l)\hhhg~ *D@ *l*\hhhg~ +D$@ +lU+\hhhg,D ,f~#,e, % +@#,e, % +@#,e, % +@#,e, % +@#,ef % +@-D -k_-Zhhhg~ .D@@ .i|.\hhhg~ /DT@ /i{/\hhhg0D 0k}0Zhhhg~ 1D@ 1i|1\hhhg~ 2D@ 2i{2\hhhg3D 3kz3ggggg~ 4Di@ 4iy4\hhhg5D 5kx5ggggg~ 6D0@ 6iw6\hhhg~ 7D:@ 7iv7\hhhg~ 8DD@ 8iu8\hhhg~ 9DN@ 9it9\hhhg~ :DX@ :is:\hhhg~ ;Db@ ;ir;\hhhg~ <Dl@ <iU<\hhhg~ =Dv@ =iU=\hhhg>D >kq>ZZZZg~ ?D@ ?ip?ZZZZgD l0000000,0000,00,00,0,00000000,@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_@D @ko@ggggg~ AD@ AinA\hhhg~ BD@ BimB\hhhg~ CD @ CilC\hhhg~ DD@ DikD\hhhg~ ED @ EijE\hhhg~ FD*@ FiiF\hhhg~ GD4@ GihG\hhhg~ HD>@ HigH\hhhg~ IDH@ IifI\hhhg~ JDR@ JieJ\hhhg~ KD\@ KidK\hhhg~ LDf@ LicL\hhhg~ MDp@ MiUM\hhhg~ NDz@ NiUN\hhhgOD OkbOZhhhg~ PD@ Pi_P\hhhg~ QDʲ@ QiaQ\hhhg~ RDԲ@ RiUR\hhhgSD Sk`SZhhhg~ TD$@ Ti_T\hhhg~ UD.@ Ui^U\hhhg~ VD8@ ViUV\hhhgWDWghhhgXD Xk]Xggggg~ YD@ YiUY\hhhg~ ZD@ ZiUZ\hhhg~ [D@ [iU[\hhhg\D \k\\Zhhhg~ ]D@ ]i\]\hhhg^D ^k[^ggggg~ _DP@ _iZ_\hhhgDVl,00000000000000,000,000,000,0,`a,bcdefY@gY@h,i,jklm~ `DZ@ `iY`\hhhgaD akXagjjjg~ bD@ biWb\hhhg~ cD@ ciVc\hhhg~ dDȴ@ diUd\hhhg~ eDҴ@ eiUe\hhhgfD ffT#fef %-e#fef %-d#fef %-d#fef %-d#feg %-egD gfS!geg D,Df!geg D,Df!geg D,Df!gem D,Df#geg %gghd icRibaaaa`jD j_Qj^^^^^~ kDp@ k]Pk\[[[Z~ lDz@ l]Ol\[[[Z~ mD@ m]N#m\m %kl#m[m %kl#m[m %kl#m[ %klmZ ^0,0000 $,00,, m  >@mjA   b(b(7Y,fֿgg@ g2  c>2  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"333333?333333?&<3U} S} "S} IKT} $ S} S} "S} ?~ 4@ T T~ !H@ !T !T~ "\@ "T "T~ #p@ #T #T~ $@ $T $T~ %@ %TU &T~ '@ 'T 'T~ (@ (T (T~ )@ )T )T~ *$@ *TU~ ,@@ ,T| ,T~ -T@ -T{ -T..S~ /@ /T| /T~ 0@ 0T{ 0T 1TS~ 2h@ 2Tz 2Ty 3TS~ 40@ 4Tw~ 5:@ 5Tv~ 6D@ 6Tu~ 7N@ 7Tt~ 8X@ 8Ts~ 9b@ 9Tr : :TU :T;;S~ <@ <T <p =TS~ >@ >Tn >S~ ?@ ?Tm?SBxX****************@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_~ @ @ @Tl@S~ A@ ATkAS~ B @ BTjBS~ C*@ CTiCS~ D4@ DThDS~ E>@ ETgES~ FH@ FTfFS~ GR@ GTeGS~ H\@ HTdHS~ If@ ITcIS J JTU JT KTS~ L@ LT_ LS~ Mʲ@ MTaMS~ NԲ@ NTU NT OTS~ P$@ PT_ PS~ Q.@ QT^QS~ R8@ RTU RT STS T TTU TS UTS~ V@ VT\VSWWS~ XP@ XTZ XT[~ YZ@ YTY YT[ ZTS~ [@ [TW[S~ \@ \TV\S ] ]TU ]T ^T~ _p@ _T _TDl&&&&&&&&&&**&**&**&**&&*`@a@b~ `z@ `T `T~ a@ aT aT b (**>$@abggD g2 -  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"333333?333333?&<3U} S}  S} !S}  S} $ S-:@@     @ U# TT U TT UTT UTT M  L    TT UTT UK TT UXX UJ XI XH T~ @ T  T  T ~  @ T  T ~ @ T  T  T ~ @ T  T ~ @ T  T~ x@ T  S S      @D$*******" !@"#$%&'()*+,   !" 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